Creator:伊地 幹(Iti Motoi)
‖ 日本語 注意書き ‖



‖ English instructions‖
»This site has produced and released doujin game.
Because I am doing whatever I want, including in contents follow.

Please read the warning notes of each work and play on your own judgment based on the contents.

»Handling of works, notes
Copyright of the work is Iti Motoi(伊地 幹).
◆Tendency of the work of this site is biased, depending on the work, violence is high, it is perverted, it sometimes deals with expressions deviating from social ethics and morality. If such content is painful, or if you can not adapt it, please stop playing.
The work of this site is made personal hobby and non-profit to the last, and we can not assume the responsibility about the mental burden etc of the player etc.
◆Don't claim,abuse.Welcome feedback,typo,your joy feeling.
◆The age limit described in the overview is set by the subjectivity of the individual producer.
◆I am sorry for the request for collaborative production.
◆I accept no responsibility for any loss resulting from using this work.
NO:republication without written permission.,reproduction,redistribution,modification,sale, or any other bad act.

◆You should avoid the screenshot of CG and abuse.Please white site name"Harawari"and URL.
OK:SNS,your private site,blog
Permission required:Commercial media

◆Reporting is optional, but it will be a pleasure if you do.
Thank you so much for your understanding.

What we are making is creative.
I wish something interesting to the stone at the roadside which is not enough for people visiting this site.